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What is a cold roof?  It’s a roof that stays the same temperature as the outside air using an advanced insulation and ventilation system.  These types of roofs are especially useful in cold weather regions like Park City and Salt Lake during the winter months.  Therefore the name “cold roof”, because no heat is escaping into the roof deck and the roof stays cold.  The advanced insulating and venting system compensates for the large amount of snowfall that accumulates in Park City and Salt Lake.  In fact, these cold roof systems are so efficient, that in other areas of the world with large amounts of snowfall, nearly all the roofs on every home are cold roofs.  To get a clear picture of how cold roofs work, you can think of a deck or a freeway bridge during winter.  The snow never seems to melt on your deck, and bridges become more icy than other parts of the road.  This is due to the airflow underneath the structure.  A cold roof has the same concept in mind, providing extra insulation so heat doesn’t escape from your home along with providing ventilation to keep the roof colder.

IronClad helps achieve two specific goals by installing a Cold Roof:

  1. Maintaining the roof deck at a below freezing temperature
  2. Reducing or Eliminating ice dams at the eaves (or edge) of a roof

You may be wondering, “Why should I install a cold roof?”  or “What are the benefits of a cold roof?”  A Cold Roof System results in:

  •  the elimination of expensive snow melt systems,
  •  the improvement of heat retention in your home
  •  the increase in the total life of the roof system
  •  reduction and usually elimination of dangerous ice dams

IronClad carefully considers every element or your unique home when designing a cold roof.  We look at 4 specific factors that will help determine exactly how the system should be designed:

Although Cold Roofs can be an expensive upfront cost, they save you money in the long run by eliminating snow melting systems and greatly increasing the overall lifespan of your roof.  Even though cold roofs are especially created to deal with heat retention during the winter season by eliminating ice dams, these roofs also benefit you home in the summer as well.  They keep the roof deck cooler, and therefore the inside of your home cooler as well, which can help save money during the hot summers.

What are cold roofs made from?  IronClad installs cold roofs using a special cold roof panel manufactured by Hunter Panels.  The bottom layer is made from polyiso insulation, the 2nd layer is comprised of wooden spacers that allow proper airflow, and finally a top layer of OSB.  Hunter panels can be manufactured in different configurations to ensure that the needs of home or workplace are properly met.  If you would like more information about Hunter Panels Cool-Vent, Click Here.

IronClad keeps close relationships with our manufactures and suppliers, including: CertainTeedHunter Panels, and Metal-Era. With our efforts combined, we can create the perfect cold roof system that is aesthetic, and functional for either a new construction home, or for a replacement roof on an existing structure.  Combined, our team has the ability to design a functional, aesthetic cold roof whether it is for new construction or retrofitting an existing structure.

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