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Ice Dam Management Specialist Serving Park City Utah

Roof-Snow-Melt-articleIce Dams are one of the biggest obstacles homeowners face in the Salt Lake and Park City areas, but IronClad is here to fix the problem.  IronClad understands how ice dams are formed and the underlying factors causing them.  But most importantly, IronClad knows how to help you with ice dam removal and ice dam prevention.

On Existing Buildings*, IronClad Roofing works with homeowners and architects directly to determine which of the following may be a contributing factor in the creation of the ice dams:

Understanding these areas helps determine what factors are contributing to the formation of ice dams.

For more information on the causes of ice dams and their prevention, Click Here.

On New Construction, IronClad works with architects during the design phase to ensure that the above factors are addressed in the roofing system while still maintaining the architectural beauty of the structure.  This ensures that your new Salt Lake or Park City home will be resistant to ice dams so you don’t have to deal with ice dam removal.

We offer many different solutions to help in your ice dam removal process, and will be sure to customize the solution to match each individual roof and unique ice dam problem.  Whether you are dealing with large and dangerous ice dams in Park City, or small, sneaky ice dams in Salt Lake, IronClad Roofing can help.

IronClad can design a cold roof system, snowmelt system, or a combination of the two on your home, or place or work, to help with ice dam removal and the prevention of ice dams.  For a more in depth explanation of possible solutions, see below, or feel free to give us a call at 801-502-0415.

* Heavy snow and cold temperatures can make it particularly difficult to deal with ice dam removal. However, IronClad offers snow and ice dam removal to get you through the winter season until the problem can be correctly resolved.

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