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Roofing-Snow-melt-Ice-Dams-Park-CityWhat are roof snow melt systems?  Roof snow melt systems are deicing systems that are installed on your roof where ice dams commonly form.  Ice dams are commonly found along the eave (or edge) of your roof, roof valleys, and in gutters, which is where these deicing systems are most commonly placed.  When correctly installed, these deicing systems prevent dangerous ice dams and damage from icicles or heavy snow.

IronClad offers discrete snow melt options that can be installed under the edge of your roof so that you don’t have to put up with glaring zig-zagging wires across the edge of your roof.  These discrete options also provide a more efficient roof snow melting system.

Because IronClad has worked on so many Park City homes, we are familiar with the needs of roofs in high elevation, high snowfall areas.  We can offer many solutions for your roof that will make dealing with large snowfalls and freezing temperatures easy.  We offer snow melt panels, basic heat cable, and can offer a cold roof option that can eliminate the need for snow melt systems.  Ice dams can cause damages costing up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars in repairs, but you can have peace of mind in knowing that IronClad can offer professional solutions that will match the needs or your home.

IronClad’s roof snow melt systems offer exceptional deicing performance without compromising the beauty of your roof.  Whether you are looking for long term solutions, or just looking to solve a problem area on your roof, IronClad can provide the solution for your home.

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