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Snow-Removal-articleWhere can you find professional roof snow removal service?  IronClad offers fast, friendly and efficient snow removal service that will leave your home safe and damage free.

During the harsh winter months, Park City homeowners can become concerned about the weight of snow along with dangerous ice dams on their roofs.  IronClad has OSHA trained crews that have safety training combined with years of roofing knowledge and experience.  With our roof snow removal services, we can ensure than your roof will be safe, our crews will be safe and your home will be safe from potential leaks and ice dams.

Why should you have an insured roofer perform roof snow removal?  When a roofer is not insured and a roofer slips on the icy roof, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to take care of the injured person.  Also, an uninsured roofer may cause damage to your roof, which also becomes your responsibility.  IronClad is licensed and insured which protects homeowners from liability.  You can have peace of mind that our workers and your roof will be safe from harm during the snow removal process.

Want to know how to avoid roof snow removal?  After our roof snow removal service is complete, and we clear away dangerous ice dams, IronClad can inform you about other options for your home that will prevent ice dams or dangerous snow build up from forming so you no longer have to worry about roof snow removal services ever again.

For every roof snow removal project you will get:

  •  Fast, friendly and efficient roof snow removal service
  •  OSHA trained crews
  •  A licensed and insured roofing company
  •  Safe roof snow removal service
  •  An undamaged roof
  •  Suggestions for preventing ice dams (if inquiring)

IronClad will leave your roof damage free while keeping our crew safe as well.

Our goal is to respond immediately to roofing leaks, so give us a call today!

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