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Roof FAQ: How much does a new roof cost?

A: We know it’s not what you want to hear, but: it depends.  The size of your roof, design of your roof, products chosen, the contractor you select, and even the time of year (busy season being fall and usually pushing prices up), makes the price of a new roof vary anywhere from $1,000-1,000,000.  To get an informed decision about the cost of your roof, contact 2 or 3 roofing contractors to get an estimate.  Remember!  A lower initial cost doesn’t always mean the contractor quoting you is the best choice.  Contractors that aren’t licensed and insured may quote you a cheaper price, but may be a huge risk in the long run.  These contractors are a liability to the homeowner, placing all responsibility in the homeowner’s hands, including injuries to the workers or damage to your home.  When selecting a roofing company to quote your project, first make sure they are licensed and insured then look at years of experience, reliability, customer satisfaction and the company’s reputation.  This will give you peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a trustworthy roofing contractor.  IronClad is licensed and insured and you can see even more certifications by clicking here.

Roof FAQ: How long will my roof last?

A: Again, we have the answer you don’t want: it depends.  However, the American Society of Home Inspectors claims that asphalt shingles last 15-20 years, wood shingles last 10-40 years, clay/concrete tile last 20+ years, slate tiles last 30-100 years, and metal roofing lasts 15-40+ years.  But not only does your roof’s life depend on the material, it depends on the environment and weather, along with how often regular maintenance is performed.  Roofs in Salt Lake and Park City take a heavy beating each year with heavy snow falls, and because our snow is filled with salt from the Great Salt Lake, our roofs take an even greater beating.  Want your roof to last its full lifespan?  Make sure it’s properly ventilated and insulated.

Roof FAQ: How long does it take to install a roof?

A: It’s your favorite answer again: it depends.  IronClad roofs standard homes that usually take less than a week to install, but we regularly install roofs in both Salt Lake and Park City on multimillion dollar homes than get take 6 weeks or longer to fully complete.  The size of your roof along with style and pitch will play a part.

Roof FAQ: How fast will IronClad Roofing be able to start working on my roof?

A: Generally, IronClad can start working on your roof within 1 or 2 weeks.  Based on our current amount of work this time may be less or more.  However, it it’s an emergency call us at 801-502-0415 can we will send someone over right away to assess the problem and give you a roof repair estimate.  A good tip to remember is the busiest time of year for roofers is during the fall months, right before winter.  Don’t wait until right before winter begins to take care of your roofing problems!

Roof FAQ: How much mess will there be?

A: Don’t worry, there will be no mess.  IronClad takes care of all cleanup during and after your roofing installation process.

Roof FAQ: What Roofing material should I choose?

A: Take a look at your desires and needs.  Consider style, price, longevity, maintenance and energy efficiency.  Know which of these factors are most important to you and which are least important.  That will help narrow your options to something that will fit your home.  IronClad has many styles, materials and colors to choose from that will fit any budget.  It you would like advice on what would compliment your home and needs, or which products we recommend, we can gladly give you a free consultation and price estimate.  To see all our products, Click Here.

Roof FAQ: My roof leaks.  Do I have to replace the entire roof?

A: Usually, No.  Roof leaks are usually localized problems and IronClad can usually fix your leak without major construction to the roof.  Have a leak that needs taken care of right away?  Give us a call and we will send someone out right away to assess the problem and give you a free cost estimate: 801-502-0415.

Roof FAQ: How can I determine when my roof has problems?

A: Sadly, most people know there’s a problem when water has already caused damage to their home.  Ideally, a roofing inspection should be performed by a professional twice a year, once before winter, and once after winter.  This will let you know of any small problems that you can fix before damage is done.  But you will find a list of things below that you can look for yourself:

  • Ceiling spots of sagging ceilings caused by roof leaks or condensation in the roof occurring from improper ventilation and insulation.
  • Damaged Flashing (the metal around the edge of your roof, in valleys and chimneys) can lead to leaks.
  • Missing shingles generally mean the life of your roof is at, or nearly at, an end.
  • Curling shingles, generally mean the shingles are retaining water and may be a sign of improper ventilation and insulation.
  • Shingle blistering, caused by improper ventilation.
  • Missing granuals (the rough sandy coating on your shingles) are a sign of age.  Your roof may soon need replaced.
  • Shingle buckling, caused by improper installation or movement of the roof deck.  You may want to consider calling a professional roofer to properly re-install new shingles.
  • Signs of leaking in the attic space.  If the problem area is still wet, or soft when tested by pressing with an object (like a screwdriver) it is a current problem and needs resolved immediately.  If it is dry and hard, the problem is most likely old and has been fixed.  If unsure, check back frequently during snow or rain storms.
  • Sagging on the ridge of the roof, or on the slope of the roof.  The roof needs replaced.

Roof FAQ: Can’t I just fix the roof myself?

A: Although it might seem like an easy to fix thing, there are more risks than benefits to trying to fix your roof without the knowledge or experience.  Improper installation and repairs could later result in more costly damage to your roof and home.  But costs aside, fixing roofs can be a dangerous job, where serious injury can occur.  IronClad has years of training and knowledge.  We are a certified and insured roofing company.  Keep your peace of mind while we take care of your roof.

Roof FAQ: How can I protect my home against ice dams?

A: Click Here to learn how to protect your home against ice dams and how to prevent ice dams from forming.

Roof FAQ: What are my warranty options?

A: Your warranty options will depend on a couple things including roofing material and proper installation (including proper insulation and ventilation).  IronClad is CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Master and Master Shingle Applicator (click here to see our certifications).  We can ensure your shingles are installed properly so that you will be confident in your home warranty fullfilling everything it promises.  Click here to see the warranties on our asphalt shingles.

Roof FAQ: Do I need to get a permit to install a new roof on my home?

A: Different cities have different requirments regarding building permits.  But IronClad will take care of all permit needs.  Don’t worry about a thing.

Roof FAQ: How much more expensive is a metal roof?

A: Because every roofs style and size are different, we can’t give an exact dollar amount.  The best way to compare different roofing material prices is to ask your selected contractors to submit two bids with each bid offering a different roofing material price.

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