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Super Insulated Roofing
Super Insulated Roofing

When you can’t ventilate, insulate.  What do we mean by that?  What situations would require a non-vented roof assembly?  Sometimes a roof’s design is very complex and the eaves do not let enough air into the roof assembly to allow for an ideal ventilation situation.  An equal amount of air needs to be coming in and going out.  Click Here to see roof designs that explain this concept more.  So what’s our motto when the ventilation system isn’t ideal?  When you can’t ventilate… insulate!  This is where superinsulated roofing systems come into play.  These superinsulated, or non-vented cold roofs, are created using an extremely thick layer of exterior foam.  The benefits of this system can include the elimination of ice dams, reduction of air leaks, and the creation of a barrier where temperatures and moisture no longer travel through the roofing system.  In essence, this superinsulated roof acts like a thermos for your home.  To see more about this concept, Check our our continuous insulation page here.  But not only that.  Cold roof systems, such as a superinsulated roof, make your home “green.”  With so much less heat escaping from your home through your roof,  the structure is able to maintain the heat you put into it.  This means your gas bill will be less in the winter, your roof will last longer since the assembly doesn’t have the added stress of constant temperature variances, and you will be more comfortable and cozy in your home.

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