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Metal Roofing 2" Mechanica SeamWhat is a 2″ Mechanical Standing Seam Roof?   It’s a metal roof system that provides clean, classic beauty to any home, whether that home is in Park City or Salt Lake.  It’s one of the most practical, and widely used metal roofing options, and works especially well for low-sloped roofs. The sharp, clean square lines and seams work to enhance a buildings roofline.  The seams stand 2″ tall once installed (thus it’s name), and create dramatic shadow lines from the ridge of the roof all the way to the eave.  IronClad Exteriors standing seam panels come in over two-dozen colors, even classy bare metals.  This is metal roofing option is the most loved and the most chosen by our clients in Park City and Salt Lake City.

Because the 2″ Mechanical Seam is mechanically locked into place with a machine, it ensures this metal roof provides the highest degree of strength while still providing a clean, aesthetic feel.

To see how the 2″ Mechanical Seam is installed, click here.

Metal Roofing Specialist IronClad RoofingTechnical Information

  •  Minimum Slope:  ½:12
  •  Seam Height: 2”
  •  Panel shall meet the requirements of Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. for Class 90 wind uplift resistance.
  •  Standard Panel Widths: 14”, 18”
  •  ASTM E-283-84 Air Infiltration: Maximum of 0;003 CFM./Ft2 at 10 psf pressure differential on 180 degrees
    seamed profile and 0.006 CFM./Ft2 at 20 pst pressure differential.
  •  ASTM E-331-84 Water Penetration: No evidence of uncontrolled leakage on 180 degrees seamed panel at 20
    psf pressure differential.
  •  Panel shall display a flame spread classification of a (Class 1) when tested in accordance with ASTM E-84-87.
  •  Panel system shall be tested in accordance with ASTM-E-1680-95, standard test method for rate of air leakage through exterior metal roof panel systems.
  •  Panel syostem shall be tested in accordance with ASTM-E-1646-95, standard test method for water penetration of metal roof panel systems by uniform static air pressure difference.
  •  Panel system shall be tested in accordance with ASTM-E-1592 wind uplift criteria.

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