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Metal Roofing Professionals UtahWhy should I choose a metal roof?  Metal roofing is  preferred by homeowners and architects alike because of their clean, modern feel.  They are also preferred, despite the greater expense, because of the below qualities:

  •  fire-resistance,
  •  desirable longevity,
  •  lightweight
  •  durability against strong winds,
  •  reflective technology to repel heat in summer, and
  •  snow control in winter.

In Utah Metal roofing pays for itself over the course of the years, making them a smart investment.  They can last forever, while materials like asphalt shingles can require an entire overhaul every 10-20 years.

Snow control is always a plus with metal roofs.  Because snow simply slides off of metal roofs, your home never has to deal with the excess weight of substantial snowfall.  This makes metal roofs especially popular in Park City Utah where snowfall can be extreme during the winter.  IronClad can make metal roofs from aluminum, steel, or copper.  But not only do we install metal roofs, we roll out our own metal roofs using our own machinery.  This ensures that your metal roof is custom made to perfectly fit your roof and providing a beautiful end product.

IronClad can install curved, or radial metal roofs as well.  We are experienced with these specialty metal roofs, and our long standing reputation in Park City and Salt Lake has proven our experience and expertise.

We offer a variety of colors and styles for Metal roofing.

Click Here to See Our Full List of Metal Styles and Colors

Misconceptions of Metal Roofing


Because my roof is made of metal, doesn’t is attract lightning?  No.  It has been proven that metal roofs do not increase lightning strikes.  But if lightning were to ever strike your roof, the metal disperses the electricity throughout the structure safely.  In fact, it would be safer for a metal roof to be struck by lightning because it’s not flammable or combustible, lowering the risk of a fire.


When it rains isn’t metal deafening? No.  Metal roofs are, in fact, no noisier than other roofing products.  In fact, when they are installed correctly with the proper under-layers, a metal roof can quiet the noise from rain and hailstorms.  Also, because of its greater durability, a metal roof protects your home better in these weather conditions than other materials.


Does metal roofing rust? No.  Advancements in science and technology have led manufactures to create metal roofing products specially treated with metallic coating of zinc, or coating of zinc and aluminum.  Due to this treatment, metal roofs do not rust.  On top of this special layer is another layer of speciality paint specific to metal roofing that provides long lasting color that doesn’t fade.


Don’t metal roof’s dent easily? No.  The metal products used for roofing are designed to withstand a beating from snow, wind and hail.  In fact, the wind rating on metal roofs can withstand a small tornado, so you can feel comfortable knowing you are safe from wind gusts and hail storms.


Don’t metal roofs bend easily?  Can I even walk on a metal roof?  Metal roofs are extremely durable.  It has been a long standing misconception that if you walk on a metal roof, you will ruin its integrity but, in fact, they are safe to walk on.  However, certain metal roofs can be trickier or more dangerous to walk on.  Before getting onto your metal roof, it is important to call a professional install, like IronClad, or a manufacture that can give your proper safety recommendations.

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