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Cedar Shake Shingles Wood Siding in UtahWhat are Cedar Shake Shingles? They are simply wooden shingles that are generally made from split cedar logs.  They have been used for traditional houses for roofs, and siding around the world.  However, cedar shakes used on roofs are better quality than those used for siding.  When installed properly, cedar shakes give a home a beautiful, rustic look while also providing weather protection that can last for many years.

Cedar shakes give a charming, aesthetic feel to a home while providing excellent protection as a roof system, especially in Park City and Salt Lake.  If cedar shakes are the roofing option that you choose, it’s important you choose an experienced installer to ensure proper functionality of the system.  IronClad can provide superior quality that will provide you with a calm assurance that your roof is professionally, and correctly, installed.

Although choosing Cedar Shakes can be a costly option, nothing can imitate their authentic rustic appearance.  Cedar shakes make your home appear part of the natural surroundings with their wood tones, making your home or cabin blend into the indigenous surroundings.  As cedar ages, the original golden color fades to a brownish-gray, bark-like tone, slowly fading into its surroundings.

What is the history of Cedar Shake Shingles?  They were originally installed over slant boards, while today they are installed over plywood.  Due to the positioning of the slant boards, the underside of the shake was exposed to the attic, allowing the shake to dry properly after a storm.  Because cedar is wood, it expands when wet and contracts when dry.  When these original shakes were completely dry, you could actually see cracks and small holes that led to the outside; however, as soon as rain or snow was present, the shakes would again expand protecting the inside of the home.  But not only were these shakes installed over slant boards, they were twice as thick as any cedar shake installed today.  In later years, plywood was introduced as a standard roofing base layer and the practice for installing cedar shakes changed.  Today, the shakes are cut a 22″ lengths and installed over plywood and felting.  But beware! On old homes the original installation of slantboards may still exist. WARNING: If you have an older home that currently has cedar shakes, you may need to consider the additional cost of adding a new plywood base layer to replace possible existing slant boards.

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