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Park-City-Utah-Fiber-Cement-SidingWhat is Fiber Cement Siding? Fiber cement is a product that can imitate clapboard siding, wood siding, or imitation shingle siding.  This special siding is a favorite of homeowners for its longevity as well as its low maintenance.  It can be customized to your taste while always looking brand new.  There are two kinds of fiber cement siding, one consisting of a thicker material, and one of a thinner material.  The thinner material may require some protection, as it is not as impact resistant as the thicker material.  Yet, no matter the product you choose, they both come with manufacture warranties and come in many styles and nearly unlimited color options that will be sure to suit your unique tastes.  Fiber cement is one of IronClad’s specialties and we can install this product on your home whether you live in Park City or Salt Lake.

Why do people like fiber cement siding?  Although it can look like prestigious wooden siding products, fiber cement will never have bug problems or rot like wood.  It goes through a special manufacturing process so that it can resist brutal weather and elements, including the corrosive salty air and snow that is so destructive in Utah.  It is also very fire resistant.  It is Category A classified (the highest rating achievable) by BS EN 12467.  This high heat resistance comes from fiber cement being comprised of mostly sand and cement (therefore its name, Fiber Cement).  In fact more than 90% of the materials used are sand and cement making this not only a fire resistant material, but also a moisture and frost resistant material.  This material is non-combustible and is used in areas prone to fires as an extra safety precaution.

To see how a fiber cement product compares to wooden and vinyl siding in a fire test, you can see the results by Clicking Here.

Fiber Cement also needs little to no maintenance.  The colors may slightly fade after 10-15 years, and to keep your siding vibrant and eye-catching, it may need a new coat of paint.

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