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“A perfect wall?”  you ask?  What is a perfect wall?  A perfect wall is built to keep everything from the outside, outside.  These things include, rain, air, moisture and temperature.  A perfect wall has a barrier for each of these things (rain, air, moisture and temperature), but each layer must be placed on the wall in the correct order.  Think of a wall that doesn’t allow any outside temperature in, but snow and rain penetrate easily.  It would be useless!  And so, a perfect wall must first have:

  1. a layer for rain and snow
  2. a layer for air
  3. a layer for moisture and vapor
  4. a layer for temperature.

These control layers lie underneath the siding of a home.  The siding blocks the harsh sunlight and adds to the aesthetics of a structure.

But why would you want a perfect wall?   What makes it so perfect anyways?

These control layers do a couple of amazing things.  They keep your home dry (surprise, surprise), let you control the interior air quality, keep your home dry from wet air (essentially making sure mold and mildew don’t enter your home), and they keep your home the temperature you want it be inside.  A perfect wall essentially turns your home into a green, energy efficient structure.  In fact, this perfect wall is so amazing that it works for all structures in all climate zones.  But a perfect wall must be constructed properly.  To see an example of how to construct a perfect wall, Click Here.

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