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Roof with Soffit and Fascia styleWhere can you find a professional soffit vent and fascia installer?  IronClad is committed to quality in everything we do.

Why is soffit and fascia important?  Soffit vents and fascia are critical to the protection of your home.  They are installed along the edge and under hang of your roof to ensure that your roof is properly protected and ventilated.  They also provide a clean, finished look to your home and, depending on your color choices, and can be a contrasting or complementing element to your roof.

What are soffit vents?  Soffit vents are installed on the underside of your roof between the siding and the edge of the roof itself.  If you stand under an overhand of your roof and look up, you will see the soffit.  Soffit vents do not have to be ventilated depending on what area of your roof they are installed, but ventilated or not, soffit vents provide a very important role in moisture damage prevention.

What is fascia?  Fascia runs along the edge of your roof, and is the capstone that protects the eave of your roof from the elements.  Typically, it’s installed behind the gutter system and is a specialized layer between the vulnerable edge of your roof and weather.  Not all roofing styles include fascia board, but most have this important piece of protection.IronClad can suggestion soffit vents and fascia in coordinating or complementary colors that will provide your home with a clean, finished look that you can be proud of.

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